Half Day at Lake Garda



Its beauty has been described in the 1st century B.C., by Catullus, a Veronese Poet. Sirmione stands out from other lake resorts for its historical patrimony like the Medieval Scaliger Fortress, the local parish church, Saint Mary the Greatest, the smaller San Pietro in Mavino Chapel and the large and imposing Roman Villa, called: "Catullus’ Grottoes.                                                                                       


The XIII century Scaliger Fortress is supposed to be the symbol of Sirmione and its history dates back to the Roman period and evolves through the Lombard period (some remains of a VIII century monastery are visible, not far); the same Fortress witnesses the Veronese influence, then Venetian and Austrian rule. 

 Visits inside are possible (except on Mondays): courtyards, walkways, loopholes, drawbridges, battlements and, particularly, tourists are expected to climb the tower to admire the panorama.


Then, the local parish church, Saint Mary the Greatest to admire decorations, with Medieval, Renaissance and Modern Art influence.

Walking close to the olive trees, the beautiful Mansion, inhabitants want to consider Maria Callas’ Villa can be detected and, not far, San Pietro in Mavino small chapel can be visited inside.

If included in the schedule, the archaeological site (Catullus’ Grottoes, that are remains of a Roman Villa, dating back to the 1st century A, D.) will be visited.

The Scaliger Fortress and Catullus’ Grottoes are National Museums and therefore free tickets are available for those less than 18. (Closing on Mondays for the Fortress, on Tuesdays for Catullus’ Grottoes).

Scaliger Fortress € 6,00 p.p. Catullus’ Grottoes € 8,00 p.p.  

A tour by boat all around the extremity of the peninsula can complete the discovery of Sirmione: the thermal baths, the Mediterranean vegetation, the remains of the Roman villa, the sulfurous spring bubbles that rise, such as a geyser, and, obviously, the fortress can be seen entirely in the middle of the water.

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