A full day, among churches, sanctuaries and castles.


Beyond the oenological tradition, an artistic and historical itinerary can be carried out, in a fascinating countryside.                          



  • A small hamlet, that is Adro, offers the opportunity to visit: the old small church called Santa Maria in Favento, whose construction dates back to 1200. It is about 12 metres long, 3,70 metres wide and, despite the small dimension, inside, there’s a great harmony, thanks to the very coloured paintings. The second church (in the same hamlet), is Santa Maria Assunta, on the top of the hill, with a considerable cycle of frescoes by Ferramola ’s school (XVI century).
  • We, later, move to Erbusco, where we will visit the church Pieve di Santa Maria, rebuilt in the XIII century in Romanesque – gothic style, that houses inside XV – XVI century frescoes. (In the surroundings, remains of the old Castle and medieval borough). The 1400s, that was the best period for the church when many lands and properties depended on it! Later on, under the control of Brescia, a progressive loss of power lead to the abandon. A new church was built. Restauration works let the monument to be visited.


What about strongholds?

  • In Bornatothe XIII century Castle can be admired and inside the walls, it is possible to visit Villa Orlando, built in Renaissance period.
  • Along the road, Passirano ‘s Castle, XIV century imposing fortification, stands with big square towers, built using local stone.


Lunch in a Farm Restaurant or in a typical restaurant.


·      A short stop, on the way back to the lake, to visit San Zenone ‘s Church, in a panoramic position. A beautiful nineteenth-century decoration inside but also fourteenth-century frescoes. · Iseo, the last destination, with Saint Andrew’s Church, rebuilt in XII century in Lombard Romanesque style, which offers a completely different internal side, because of works carried out by Architect Vantini in the end of XIX century. (Among the masterpieces, Saint Michael by Francesco Hayez), and with Oldofredi Castle, whose current structure dates back to the 1300.


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1994: Qualification to the profession of Tour Leader, for the French and English languages, by the Lombardy Region. N° Rep 690/94

1995: Qualification to the profession of Tourist Guide for Brescia and its province, for the French and English languages, by the Lombardy Region. N° Rep 221/95

I am a tourist guide, licensed by the Lombardy Region, (also qualified as a  group leader), which operates in the province of Brescia, from Lake Iseo to Lake Garda, in Italian, English and French.

I was born on the 20th May 1963 and I’ve been working in tourism since 1988.