A full day to discover local flavours, culture and history.  Franciacorta is famous for the beauty of its landscape, especially well known for the production of "D.O.C.G. Franciacorta wine, simply called Franciacorta."  (The effervescence is due to secondary fermentation in the bottle, that is the “classic method”).Historical traces and a great culture can be found in this territory. All these aspects matched together and completed, discovering also LAKE ISEO.


  • The guide will meet guests in Iseo,at about 9.15 a.m., in Viale Europa (Europe Avenue).  
  • 30 a.m. – Visit of “San Pietro in Lamosa” Church, that was in the past, part of a Monastery, located in Provaglio d’Iseo, founded by Cluniac monks in 1083, enlarged during the centuries, beautiful Lombard Romanesque example, assimilating Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. An offer of € 1,00 p.p. is demanded … it is possible to buy pamphlets or books.                                                   One-hour visit duration.
  • Sightseeing tour, by coach, among vineyards and castles (3/4 hour)


  • 30 a.m. – Visit of a winery in Franciacorta, where the Classic Method will be explained, visiting the different sections of the cellar and tasting, at the end, “Franciacorta wine”!


  • 30 a.m.– Lunch in a Farm Restaurant


  • At about 2.45 p.m. departure for Iseo (or another village), where the boat will leave for Montisola, the greatest island of the lakes in Europe, with natural beauties, with a typical landscape, where a lot of traditions will be discovered: those linked to the production of fishing nets, the manufacturing of boats and the fish conservation technique and also historical events and local legends. (Possibility to make the “tour of three islands”, Montisola and smaller islands Saint Paul and Loreto).

Free time for strolling.

Return to Iseo and visit of the historical centre, with its Medieval plan, Garibaldi Square, where the first monument dedicated to this hero has been erected in Italy, Saint Andrew ‘s Church, Oldofredi Castle and the small Church dedicated to Saint Mary of the Market.




Elide Montanari
Via Gorzoni, 34 - 25049 – Iseo (BS)
Mobile: +39 335 6144307

P. IVA 03438810172
C. F. MNT LDE 63E60 D940A



1994: Qualification to the profession of Tour Leader, for the French and English languages, by the Lombardy Region. N° Rep 690/94

1995: Qualification to the profession of Tourist Guide for Brescia and its province, for the French and English languages, by the Lombardy Region. N° Rep 221/95

I am a tourist guide, licensed by the Lombardy Region, (also qualified as a  group leader), which operates in the province of Brescia, from Lake Iseo to Lake Garda, in Italian, English and French.

I was born on the 20th May 1963 and I’ve been working in tourism since 1988.