The guide will meet the group at about 9.30 a.m. at Bus Terminal - Largo Torrelunga.

The tour begins in Arnold Square (Piazzale Arnaldo), where the Grain Market building witnesses the first half of nineteenth century architecture: a new urban plan for the town, where the real centre had to be very elegant with theatres and boutique, and all the commercial activities had to be located close to the gates.

 (about 15 minutes walking to arrive to Santa Giulia Museum)

Visit to SANTA GIULIA MUSEUM, the so called Museum of the town, where history of Brescia can be retraced, from the Prehistoric Age, through the Roman period, Medieval one (especially “Lombard” that is Early Middle Age) until the Venetian Rule that means Renaissance. A two hours visit, making a selection of the most significant artefacts.

Lunch …

Panoramic sightseeing tour, starting from Forum Square, with Capitoline Temple, remains of the Roman Theatre and remains of lateral Porticoes. An impressive archaeological reality.

The second stop in Paul VI Square, where three monuments stand: The Medieval Communal Palace (Broletto) and the Old Cathedral, both built between XII and XIII century, and the New Cathedral, a real contrast, on the same side of the square, because built in XVII century.

As regards Broletto, it is only possible to cross the internal courtyards, but the two churches can be visited inside: The Old Cathedral, with the pure Lombard Romanesque style atmosphere, the old church crypt, the cross vaults, Roman period remains and paintings by Moretto… the New Cathedral has a baroque and neoclassical style, but also Renaissance paintings by Romanino (Girolamo Romani nicknamed Romanino), that tried to reproduce the Lombard reality.

The tour finishes in Loggia Square, where the Town Hall is one of the most important examples of Renaissance Style in Brescia and the Palladian influence is still visible.                       Undoubtedly noteworthy, the Clock Tower, with 24 hours, the lunar phases and two automata striking hours. (Very similar to Saint Mark’s Square Clock Tower).


To complete the tour, the Great Theatre can be visited and a private historical Palace, such as Palazzo Salvadego, or another one, according to availability.

Carmine popular quarter is really very interesting to be discovered, especially because of the Church dedicated to Saint John the Evangelist, that houses the Holy Sacrament Chapel, a real witness of Renaissance high level painting, because Moretto and Romanino worked together.

(About 2 hours and a half visit duration)

Lunch in a typical restaurant

In the afternoon, visit to the Castle and the Weapon Museum, another traditional local reality.

Free time.

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1994: Qualification to the profession of Tour Leader, for the French and English languages, by the Lombardy Region. N° Rep 690/94

1995: Qualification to the profession of Tourist Guide for Brescia and its province, for the French and English languages, by the Lombardy Region. N° Rep 221/95

I am a tourist guide, licensed by the Lombardy Region, (also qualified as a  group leader), which operates in the province of Brescia, from Lake Iseo to Lake Garda, in Italian, English and French.

I was born on the 20th May 1963 and I’ve been working in tourism since 1988.