1st day


Arrival at Brescia in the morning: sightseeing tour of the town visiting the Forum Square (with remains of the Imperial Temple and the Theatre), the Medieval Square with the Communal Palace dating back to the XII century and the Old Cathedral and the Renaissance witnesses: Venetian Clock Tower and the seat of the Town Hall: The Loggia Palace.                                                                                                     


Lunch in a Farm restaurant in Franciacorta                                                                                                                  


Afternoon: visit to Bornato Castle, a unique example of Renaissance Mansion built inside the walls of the Medieval stronghold.

During the nineteenth century, the residence has been transformed into a “literary salon”. Present property is Orlando family.Open to the public for a few years, beautiful rooms richly decorated can be admired. (booking is necessary – www.castellodibornato.com)


The discovery of Franciacorta region implies the visit of San Pietro in Lamosa Church, a beautiful Lombard Romanesque example, assimilating Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. An offer of € 1,00 p.p. is demanded … it is possible to buy pamphlets or books. One-hour visit duration.


2nd day                                                                                                                                                                            


Departure for Camonica Valley.


Visit to Rock Engravings park in Naquane. UNESCO added this area to the “World Cultural Heritage List” in 1979. Ancient Camuni’ s way of living is represented .... figures of animals like deer, dogs ... rites of initiation to hunting ... scenes related to agriculture like plowing, towed carts. 


Lunch in a typical restaurant                                                                                                                     


Visit to the Saint Mary the Assumption Church located in Esine, that houses the painting cycle realized by Giovan Pietro da Cemmo that develops two themes:  the Salvation and the popular Devotion.


Last visit, in program, in Pisogne, Our Lady of the Snow Church. The theme is Passion – Death – Resurrection - Ascension of Jesus Christ.It is called the “Sixtine Chapel of the Poors”, one of the most important example of “Sacred Painting” in 1500 years. Among the years 1532 and 1534 Girolamo Romani called Romanino frescoed the walls, the Saint Arch and the counter façade of this church, using a style completely different from the Academic one of that period. He used a very simple language, which could be easily understood by poor people.                                                                                                                                                       

His transgressive figures, often grotesque, are inspired by the simple local people.(A compromise between the Venetian School and the Lombard realism).


3rd day


Morning dedicated to Iseo and visit of the historical centre, with its Medieval plan, Garibaldi Square, where the first monument dedicated to this hero has been erected in Italy, Saint Andrew ‘s Church, Oldofredi Castle and the small Church dedicated to Saint Mary of the Market.

Departure by boat to Montisola, the greatest island of the lakes in Europe, with natural beauties, with a typical landscape, where a lot of traditions will be discovered: those linked to the production of fishing nets, the manufacturing of boats and the fish conservation technique and also historical events and local legends. (Possibility to make the “tour of three islands”, Montisola and smaller islands Saint Paul and Loreto).

Lunch in a typical restaurant

Before leaving the region, visit of a winery in Franciacorta, where the Classic Method will be explained, visiting the different sections of the cellar and tasting, at the end, “Franciacorta wine”!

Elide Montanari
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1994: Qualification to the profession of Tour Leader, for the French and English languages, by the Lombardy Region. N° Rep 690/94

1995: Qualification to the profession of Tourist Guide for Brescia and its province, for the French and English languages, by the Lombardy Region. N° Rep 221/95

I am a tourist guide, licensed by the Lombardy Region, (also qualified as a  group leader), which operates in the province of Brescia, from Lake Iseo to Lake Garda, in Italian, English and French.

I was born on the 20th May 1963 and I’ve been working in tourism since 1988.